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Crocheted hats,and other clothing. Precious stones and crystals.


Crocheted Cloaks for adults


The cloaks prices can go from 300.00 and up depending on the yarn type and size of cloak. This product you will have to e-mail and give measurements . You can pick whatever type of yarn you wish. You can also pick the color. I will let you know by e-mail if those colors are around. I put 300.00 because site wouldn't let me put 100.00 and up. Before you pay price on computer e-mail me at- [email protected] .

Have you e-mailed me for measurement list? very important....

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  • "I have a custom hat from tine and wear it everywhere. Puple and noticeable. I highly recommend her."
    Alan Ivie (Nytok)
    Great Hat

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