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Yarn Hat and Scarf Set


The hats are made of regular acrylic yarn . Pick what color you would like and e-mail mesurements. For hat ,and scarf. You can also buy them seperate from each other. Pick a certain yarn you want to use too . I am willing to make the set our of other yarn too and  e-mail me at [email protected]  .0r facebook . Depending on Yarn it may cost more . For example- wool may cost more . Don't forget to e-mail head and hand measurements . Very important . Also, if you have ANY questions feel free to contact me .

What is your head and hand measurement? What kind of yarn?

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  • "I have a custom hat from tine and wear it everywhere. Puple and noticeable. I highly recommend her."
    Alan Ivie (Nytok)
    Great Hat

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