Stitches And Stones

Crocheted hats,and other clothing. Precious stones and crystals.

Tina aka Silverowl

 A little about me. I love being creative and making things for people. I have been an artist since a young child and it has been my dream to be able to share my gifts with everyone. At 8 years of age I had one of my pieces of art displayed in the Fuller Art Museum in Brockton,  MA . When I became 16 years of age I started my own business making my own tie dyed T shirts . It was with the help of some good friends at Our Daily Bread in Bridgewater, MA that I got to have my first taste on making my own money. The name of the business was called Tina's Ts to dye For. This also gave me a chance to share my talents with other people and make my own designs.

I picked up on sewing and crocheting because of my family on my moms side. My grandmother , who was a wise woman of nature and talented as well, taught me a few things here and there. My aunts and my uncle also are artists and I have admired them since I was a child. As you can see the talent runs in the family.

I started this business in hopes of sharing my talents and being my own boss. To have something to be proud of . To make fair prices for people and be able to work to give them what they want. A product made for the individual.




Joe, aka Gwydion Dragonfyre

A brief about me. I have been a practicing witch now for 40 years. However, I hold a Bachelors degree in Mineralogy and have been working with stones and crystals in Magic for over 30 years. Given this, I try my best to hand pick the crystals or stones that we sell. I myself am very picky. Also, I do make handmade wands and staffs. These will be offered soon. These take time, so, patience is a virtue, lol.

  Also, keep in mind that we are in business to make money and be our own bosses. However, not at the expense of others or the Pagan community. most of the crystals and other stuff we sell will be lower than most. If it isn't, it's because what we paid was higher. Our goal over all is to supply the Pagan community with better products, without tearin a hole in the budget. Considering the current economy. 'Nuff said, hope to see y'all soon.

 Bright Blessings








  • "I have a custom hat from tine and wear it everywhere. Puple and noticeable. I highly recommend her."
    Alan Ivie (Nytok)
    Great Hat

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